So let’s get started…

Welcome to my blog!

I will start by assuming you are here because you know me, and either I or someone you know has told you I am writing a blog. This puts you in a considerably better situation than me; I have to actually write something! So my first post is a reflection on blogging. Namely:

What on Earth should I write a blog about?

Baffled at the coffee shop

I have always enjoyed writing, going back to my grade school days.

No, let me restate that.

I have always enjoyed writing, when I enjoyed what I was writing about.

When I was in high school, I recall one teacher telling me he enjoyed my word selection in a paper I wrote about off piste skiing (Aha! There’s an idea…), as it led to a compelling read. The paper was full of marks, many of them smileys and whatnot, and it left quite a memorable impression on me of the fun of the written word.

When I was in college, I recall a professor encourage me to employ massive word de-selection on a particularly dry paper I wrote on EU competition law and ocean transportation. The first 10 pages were full of exclamation marks and question marks, the last 15 devoid of any marks whatsoever. That was also quite memorable, albeit somewhat less inspirational.

So I know this much. I will be passionately deploying two different blogs.

One will be a series of personal thoughts and, “brain farts,” as George Carlin calls them (that would be this blog).

I will also produce a professional blog on my experiences and practical deployment of tools in project management. That will take some time, and I suspect most people gravitate towards brain farts over mind maps, so we’re starting here.

As a prelude to what comes next, I have considered a few things:

1. The blog is going to be full of English colloquialisms. And American ones at that, not so much those strange British ones. There is a difference, as this young lady will openly tell you.

This page will be less filtered and more opinionated than my social media pages. Facebook is for fun. And for wusses. Because after all, what’s the point of having an opinion if you can’t chuck it on the Internet in the form of one way communication and start offending people. Can I get an amen, trolls??

2. This blog will probably revolve primarily around life as I see it living overseas. Even after nearly 10 years, there are still things that will stun, elate, irritate, humor, and utterly baffle me. For example, where are the bug screens on the windows, and the garbage disposals in the sinks? You know, hard hitting journalism.

3. I hope to find an avenue to discuss some of these topics, and in the words of Barney Stinson, perhaps you can open up my brain tank and hit me with some premium, 91 octane knowledge, bro (see point one). More on this later…

4. And finally, you’ll get some attempts at humor (if you consider my feeble attempts at writing to be humorous), some genuine opinions on news, politics and policies, and as mentioned a litany of other things I find interesting or amusing.

Thanks for checking in, and my first posts will be up shortly!


6 thoughts on “So let’s get started…”

  1. Jason!!!
    Its about time you did something!! HAHA. Looking forward to reading wassup in Denmark with you and your beautiful family. I know it may kind of soon, but I would love to see some of your reasons as to why you really left The Big Blue and how your life has been impacted by both your tenure there and how you feel about it looking in the rear view mirror. I thought you were a lifer!! I’m sure they did too!


    1. Thanks Mike! Indeed it was no small decision and not without a bit of disappointment, but every week that goes by I become more confident it was the right decision. I’ll put writing some reflection upon it on my list!


  2. Can’t wait to read what you come up with 🙂 hmmm peeking into the window of Jason Walsh’s head …. scary? 😉


    1. Thanks George! I have my abdicate style and structure, but still need to sharpen the pencils a bit on writing the more serious content in a more enjoyable way. Working on it though and I do enjoy it! Arigatou!


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