A Svensk Klassiker for a cause! Please donate!

In 2016 I decided to try to complete a series of athletic events, a “Swedish Klassiker”. But I’d like to use this opportunity to add a charitable cause to my work. I want to encourage you to donate to one or all of the 5 different medically oriented and international relief oriented charities I will also support and contribute to:

  1. Vansbrosimning (3 km swimming) – Cancer research via Concern FoundationWebsite
  2. Lidingöloppet (30 km running) – Medical and educational supplies to needy and disaster areas via Brother’s Brother FoundationWebsite
  3. En Svensk Klassiker (Completion of all 4 events in 2016) – Type 1 diabetes research via JDRFWebsite
  4. Vasaloppet (90 km cross country skiing in 2017) – Refugee support via International Rescue CommitteeWebsite
  5. Vätternrundan (300 km biking in 2017) – Sustainable growth and environmental protection via World Resources InstituteWebsite

Help me add a meaning to my efforts than I could ever achieve otherwise. My fundraising goals are modest, but donations do not need to be!

Can’t decide on a single event/charity? Contribute a smaller amount to each! Every donation makes a difference.


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